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Lexington County administrative offices are open Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Addressing Information

Addresses are essential to the E911 system. The Planning & GIS Department assigns addresses in the unincorporated areas of the county based on the guidelines of the Addressing and Road Naming Ordinances. Any structure that has power, water, or septic has the potential to have a unique address assignment. Each municipality is responsible for assigning addresses within their municipal boundaries. 

 Addresses in Lexington County are assigned according to the type of structure or use of the structure. Below is more information about the assignment of addresses and their various uses in the unincorporated areas of Lexington County. Call 803-785-1454 or visit Planning & GIS on the 3rd floor of the Administration building for more information.



Subdivision plats must be submitted to Community Development for approval prior to the assignment of any addresses. Once subdivision plats have been approved they will be sent to Planning and GIS for addressing. The addresses will be assigned in a timely manner in the order in which the approved plats were received.


Site Built & Modular Homes

Individual site built or modular homes, which are not in subdivisions, can be addressed on a walk in basis. Addresses must be assigned before a well and septic tank permit can be obtained from DHEC.


Mobile Homes/Campers

A mobile home checklist from Community Development is required before obtaining an address assignment for new as well as replacement mobile home sites. Some campers may be subject to the same requirements as a mobile home. This will be determined by Community Development prior to addressing.


Business, Commercial, & Industrial Structure

An application and site plan must be submitted to Community Development as part of a review process. Once the site plan has been approved, the plans will be sent to Planning and GIS for addressing. 



Addresses are assigned for various utilities in the county. Some utilities such as cell towers, lift stations, radio towers, and water tanks, must submit an application and site plan to Community Development. Other utilities in the county that require an address are: power poles, telephone boxes, cable boxes, and irrigation wells. 



Other structures in the county subject to address assignment are: signs, billboards, chicken houses, boat storage, and commercial fountains and waterfalls. These structures require Community Development approval prior to obtaining an address assignment.