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Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, Solid Waste Management join forces in “Zero Tolerance for Litter” Campaign

Thu, 04/13/2023

County officials to increase litter education, enforcement during the month of April

Lexington County Solid Waste Management is teaming up with Lexington County deputies to help make Lexington County litter-free. The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department and Solid Waste Management are implementing their “Zero Tolerance for Litter” campaign during the month of April 2023.

Zero Tolerance for Litter is a joint initiative from the South Carolina Litter Control Association, statewide law enforcement agencies and PalmettoPride to heighten awareness of the litter laws in South Carolina. This monthlong public awareness event unites law enforcement officers from municipalities to county and state agencies in a two-part mission: to enforce the state litter laws and to educate the public on the effects of litter.

Through the month of April, Lexington County deputies will work alongside Solid Waste Management officials to educate residents about the state litter laws in the hopes of preventing litter in our county.  The Zero Tolerance for Litter campaign includes billboards, social media messaging, flyers, and other forms of advertisement to make the public aware of these laws. Deputies will also be visiting the 11 Collection and Recycling Centers to answer questions and address possible littering concerns.  Much of the focus of this campaign will be on making sure residents are properly covering and securing their loads (tires, trash bags, wood waste, etc.) while they are driving. Residents will see messages and advertising that includes the phrase, “Tarp Your Trash.” The hope is this phrase will remind people to properly cover and secure their load and prevent littering in accordance with state laws.

The Zero Tolerance for Litter Campaign in Lexington County is partially funded through the Litter Enforcement Grant from PalmettoPride. Lexington County was awarded $6,500 by the Litter Enforcement Grant for the purchase of equipment and resources for use in litter control cases.

PalmettoPride, in partnership with the South Carolina Litter Control Association, promotes a “Zero Tolerance for Litter” campaign every year. The event is designed to encourage all law enforcement agencies to target littering, uncovered loads, and illegal dumping. The campaign also educates the public that littering is a crime with costly penalties.


You can read more about South Carolina’s litter laws on PalmettoPride’s website.