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2018 Event Schedule & Information(PDF)

Click here for a list of Lexington County's 2018 Special Recycling Collection Events.  For more information, call Traude Sander, Recycling Coordinator at (803) 785-3340.


How to Recycle In Lexington CountyRecycling

Lexington County Recycling Brochure(PDF)

Download this brochure for information on what and where to recycle, how to get curbside service, and how to buy compost bins, compost and mulch made from clean wood waste.


Recycling at Collection and Recycling Centers

Click on this link to learn what is accepted at Lexington County's 11 Collection and Recycling Centers, where they are located and when they are open.


Organics (clean wood and clippings) Recycling

Lexington County recycles and sells clean wood waste in the form of compost and mulch.  Click here to learn more.


Backyard Composting

You can save money and help the environment by composting in your backyard.  Click here to learn how.


Prescription Medication

Click here to learn how to recycle your prescription medications. 


Material Accepted in Curbside Recycling Bins



* Cardboard, including pizza boxes without food or excessive grease, paper towel rolls

* All paper, unwanted mail, flyers, inserts, ads, coupons, plain or glossy

* Envelopes, white and brown, with or without windows, NO padded envelopes

* Soft bound books (e.g. phone books)

* Food and beverage cartons, rinsed, lids discarded, flattened

* NO hard bound books, NO spiral binding

* NO small pieces (palm size or smaller), NO shredded paper

* NO tissues, NO paper towels

* NO diapers


2 - PLASTICS - Reattach screw on lids, discard pop-off lids

* All bottles, jugs, jars (from food, beverage, toiletries, etc.), rinsed with screw tops on

* All tubs (e.g. margarine, yogurt, berries), rinsed with pop-off tops discarded

* NO disposable plastic plates, cups, silverware, lids straws

* NO rigid plastics (e.g. buckets, chairs)

* NO Styrofoam

* NO hoses, NO hangers

* NO plastic bags!!!


3 - METAL - Rinse

* Aluminum beverage cans

* Steel food cans, lid attached or in the can

* Aerosol (spray) cans, plastic nozzle and lid discarded

* NO pots or pans

* NO aluminum foil, pans or trays

* NO cords, auto parts or electronics


4 - GLASS - Discard tops/lids

* All bottles and jars, rinsed, lid discarded

* NO mirrors, NO windows, NO dishware, NO light bulbs



Want to Recycle Something Not Listed?  Try the Following:

* Lexington County's 11 Collection and Recycling Centers

* The Edmund Landfill

* Special Recycling Collection Events

* Local Stores

Waste Wizard - use the Waste Wizard on this website or download the mobile App from the App Store (Lexington County SC Solid Waste) to find recycling options for other materials


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