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Lexington County Administration Building is open to the Public Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Community Development Staff

Director:   Robbie Derrick

Administrative Assistant III: Vacant

Administrative Assistant I:  Vacant

Contact the Community Development Department at


Building Inspections and Safety Division

Position Name Contact

Permit Clerks



Residential Building Inspector


George Dickenson 803-609-5638

Residential Building Inspector


Roy Winn 803-609-5633

Residential Building Inspector


Cory Tallent 803-609-5634

Residential Building Inspector


Samuel Summers


Residential Building Inspector


Austin Hernandez 803-354-2597

Residential Building Inspector


William Tallent


Residential Building Inspector


Residential Building Inspector

Ladd Sutton 803-609-5639

Commercial Building Inspector


Johnny Waters 803-609-5635

Commercial Electrical Inspector


Travis Corley 803-609-5636

Chief Building Inspector
(Residential Plan Review)


Samuel Harris 803-260-8891

Deputy Building Official
(Plan Review)


Andrew Shealy 803-785-5126

Building Official


Chance Price 803-785-8130

Request a building inspection by e-mailing . Please be sure your e-mail included the building permit number, type of inspection requested, date desired, and a contact name and telephone number.


Development Services Division


Position Name

Development Manager

Rebecca Conway

Development Administrator


Preston McClun

Development Assistant


Taylor Drake

Development Inspector


Derek Duplack

Development Inspector


Shannon Williams

Landscape Administrator


Vance Vollmer

Zoning Administrator


Walt McPherson

Zoning Assistant


Donna Hoover

Zoning Assistant


Stacy Nates

Zoning Assistant

Gayle Hartwick


Grant Programs Division


Position Name

Title VI, Grants & Administrative Manager


Sandy Fox

Grant Administrator  CDBG


Sara Byrd

Housing Program Coordinator


Katherine Cason

DPA/Grant Assistant


Sydney Thomas

Financial Coordinator


Anita Ballington



Land Development Division


Position Name

Engineering & Land Development Manager


Matthew Roland

Engineering Associate III (Residential)


Chris Broome

Engineering Associate III (Commercial)


Patrick Hinds

Engineering Associate II (Commercial)


Haleigh Reavis

Engineering Associate II (As-Built & Plat Review)


Brandon Corder

Environmental Coordinator



Floodplain Manager


Chris Stone

Stormwater Outreach Assistant


Julianne Warren