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Auditor FAQs

I.  Change of Address/Name

1.  How do I change my address/name on my tax records?

II. Property Tax

1.   How does the property tax system work?
2.   What do you mean by assessment?
3.   If I mail my tax payment, what is the last date it can be postmarked before being considered late?
4.   Who do I complain to about high taxes?
5.   What is the value of a mill and does it change?
6.   How do I apply for a Military Exemption on my mobile home?

III.  Real Property - Legal Residence/Second Home

1. What is the SC Tax Relief/Legal Residence Discount? Who qualifies? How do I know if I have it?

2.  I own a motor home. Can it qualify as my residence?

3.  I own a boat or watercraft. Can it qualify as my residence?

4.  I own a trailer used for camping and recreational travel that is pulled by a motor vehicle.  Can it qualify as my   


IV. Personal Property Tax

 1.   What is personal property?
 2.   When are personal property taxes due?
 3.   How is the value of personal watercraft/aircraft determined?
 4.   I sold the personal property you have billed me for. What do I do with this bill?
 5.   Can I appeal the value on my boat or airplane?
 6.   If I own a business or residential rental property, how are taxes determined on associated personal property?
 7.   When are business related personal-property tax returns due?
 8.   What happens if I don't file my business related personal-property tax return on time?
 9.   Are all boats & motors taxable?
10.  Are boat trailers taxable?

V.  Motor Vehicle Tax

 1.   How do you determine what my motor vehicle is worth?
 2.   What is the assessment ratio on motor vehicles in South Carolina?
 3.   When are vehicle taxes due?
 4.   How do I get a high-mileage adjustment?
 5.   When I bought my car, the dealership told me they would take care of the taxes and tags. Why did you send

       me a tax bill?
 6.   I received a tax bill on a motor vehicle that I have sold. What do I need to do?
 7.   If I want to transfer my license plate to a replacement vehicle, what do I need to do?
 8.   If I move out of this state, what should I do with my South Carolina license plate?
 9.   How do I apply for an active-duty Military Exemption?
10.  How do I apply for the senior citizen discount?

VI.   County Administered Exemptions:

A.  Homestead Exemption Program

1.  What is the Homestead Exemption program?

B.  Active Duty Military:

1.  What property is included in the Active Duty Military Exemption and how do I apply?

VII. Other Exemptions:

A.  Disability Exemption

1.  What property tax exemptions are available for the disabled?

B. Military Exemption

1.  Are there any special exemptions for active duty or retired military?