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Lexington County administrative offices are open Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Installment Program

In response to inquiries from taxpayers requesting the ability to make partial payments for property taxes, we are pleased to introduce Installment Payments of Real Property Taxes!  South Carolina Code of Laws dictates the procedures for the collection of all property taxes. South Carolina Code 12-45-75 allows the Treasurer to collect real property taxes in installments.  Please see SC State House for more details ***


Lexington County taxpayers have the option to pay real property taxes by installments. An installment election is NOT allowed for personal vehicle, boat/motor, or real property paid through escrow. Only real property taxes (land, building and mobile home) will be accepted. Those electing to participate will make five (5) payments in advance based on the previous year's tax amount. The balance due will be billed by November 15th of the tax year.

Payment Calculations

Prior Year Tax Amount x 16.67% = Installment Payment Amount

Example: Your 2011 tax bill amount is $1,000.00.

$1,000 x 16.67% = $166.70 (this is your bi-monthly payment amount).

You are responsible for (5) payments of $166.70 totaling $833.50.

Your 2012 tax bill amount (bills are printed in November) is $1,100.00.

You will receive a final installment coupon for the difference of $266.50.   That final installment payment will be due on January 15th in order to avoid any penalties.


How To Participate

  • Complete the application. A separate application is required for each parcel.
  • Submit the application to the Lexington County Treasurer.
  • The application must be received prior to January 15 of the tax year you wish to pay installments. The Lexington County Treasurer will mail the final notice no later than November 15th and payment is due January 15th to avoid penalty.

Upon approval, an information packet containing a coupon book, a payment schedule and five remittance envelopes will be mailed to you. Applications may be denied, examples include: outstanding taxes are due; taxes are escrowed through the bank or you are not the owner of the property.

Pay each installment in full:

  • At the Lexington County Treasurer's Office present payment coupon with cash or check made payable to County of Lexington. Installment payments cannot be made with a debit or credit card.
  • Through the mail with check only. Make sure to use the return envelope provided, include your payment coupon, and write the TMS number on the check.
  • At the Lexington County Treasurer's Office night deposit box for convenient after business-hours payment. Checks only, made payable to the County of Lexington.   Make sure to use the return envelope provided, include your payment coupon, and write the TMS number on the check. The night deposit box is located in front of the County Administration Building.
  • Online is not available.

Due dates are as follows:

  • February 15th
  • April 15th
  • June 15th
  • August 15th
  • October 15th

No installment payments will be accepted after October 15th.

You will be automatically enrolled in the next program year and the next information packet will automatically be mailed.  If you wish to opt out of the program, please send a written statement to the contact person listed above.