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Civil Court Quick Tips

Common Pleas

  • Attach all exhibits or attachments mentioned in a pleading.
  • Attach motion slips to motion when filing.
  • Clearly define Plaintiffs and Defendants on all filings and actions (please be as brief as possible), especially on minor settlements.
  • Ensure that correct case number is on all pleadings filed.
  • For foreclosures, ensure that property description, location and address is provided for both the Lis Pendens and the civil case.
  • If filed copies are needed, please provide extra copies and a self-addresses stamped envelope, or have a courier pick them up.
  • Inform Common Pleas in writing when a case has ended.
  • Notify Common Pleas in writing of attorney's change of address.
  • Supply the address of opposing attorney (if applicable) on orders.
  • Type or print judge's name below signature line on orders.
  • Use the roster information line.
  • When a foreclosure case is ending and a Master's Report is on file, provide the correct case number and the correct Lis Pendens number when filing Order of Dismissal and Cancellation of Lis Pendens.